Hello there! If you've come this far, you probably want to know a bit about my background. I currently work with MathWorks in Boston, Massachusetts.

Most recently I graduated with a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Arizona. While at school, I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the department of Computer Science for courses on Unix, C, Algorithms & Data structures and I also pursued a minor in entrepreneurship through the McGuire program at the Eller college of Management.

Previously, I worked at Infosys Limited for close to three years after my graduation with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I feel fortunate to have spent 13 years at the most amazing Vidyaranya High School.

"People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs

Work experience

Infosys Limited
Senior Systems Engineer

Was part of the Learning and Development team which managed training requirements, curriculum design and assessments for the worlds largest corporate training center at Infosys Mysore. In my capacity as an educator, I delivered a total of 150 training days, 1050 training hours and trained over 20,000 participants as part of the Education, Training and Assessment unit with an average feedback of 4.63 out of 5.

Academic Projects

Building Watson
An information retrieval project that uses Lucene (Java based) to index 300,000 wikipedia pages to help answer Jeopardy questions modeled on IBM's Watson project.

Hybrid Cryptographic Chat Application using DES & RSA
Implemented a two way hybrid cryptographic chat application in Java by sharing a 64-bit symmetric session key using RSA and secured session using DES.

Fully Functional Internet Router
Implemented it in C with ARP, ICMP, IP forwarding and dynamic routing protocol capabilities (PWOSPF). Real packets are routed and the router will respond to traceroutes, pings and also download content from web servers.

Visualization Using D3.js
Implemented the project using the web stack (HTML, CSS, Java Script, SVG) and large scale data from World Bank. Used core concepts of multiple views, brushing and user interactivity to drive meaningful correlations from the dataset.

CPU Multicore Scheduling in Mobile Systems
Android based project uses algorithms for CPU and multicore scheduling. Worked on implementing the optimized algorithm on mobile phones which can fully utilize the on-chip memory and improve the scheduling.

Ubiquitous Mobile Snapshot and Sync of User File System. An Android App that uses LRU, cloud storage, Bloom Filters and Fuse to seamlessly integrate cloud & local storage. The goal was to overcome limited memory on mobile phones using cloud storage.

Search Engine Optimization
A tool to help thousands of engineering students retrieve and share common data in an energy efficient and optimal way. Worked on the coding, documentation and execution of the semantic, dynamic authority based energy efficient search engine using the SERP (search engine results page) of an URL and indexing techniques using the BinRank algorithm to increase search relevance. A novel idea to use only black color for the interface saves thousands of watts of power over periodic usage.

Augmented Reality
Project that demonstrates the mediated view of real time environment. Worked on deriving real world coordinates from the camera images through image registration and visual odometry techniques.

Spark clouds visualization trends in tag clouds
The aim of the project was to demonstrate the use of spark lines in conveying the trends between multiple tag clouds that are a visual collection of texts depicting the tag frequency by font size.

Personal Projects
IBT: Acquire technical skills by connecting key ideas

This is where I regularly write and share about all things technical. The areas covered include core computer science subjects, programming languages, web development, popular applications and emerging technologies such as machine learning, virtual reality etc.
Inspidom: Stay Inspired. Stay Wise.

Ever felt the need to be inspired or gain some quick wisdom? Inspidom is a result of my long standing interest in collecting an eclectic set of inspiring quotations and timeless wisdom. It uses a simple click and swipe user interface to serve up thought provoking inspidoms. It's built using open source libraries: tabletop.js, animate.css, touchswipe, odometer and jQuery to render the primary components and several custom themes and fonts for the UI.

Code has started to amaze me in more ways than ever!



Where Leaders are made

I am extremely passionate about public speaking and Toastmasters is an amazing platform to improve those skills. I have been certified as a Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leader (CL). I am currently working on my advanced awards to eventually become a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

I live in the beautiful and historic Boston, Massachusetts.


Praharsh Srinivasula

I am very grateful to have been blessed with a wonderful and supportive family. I want to thank my friends, family, teachers and all the people who have played a part in my life experience.

I love sport and playing football. I am a self declared Manchester United fanatic. Tennis, Ping pong, Hiking and Swimming are some of the other sports that I thoroughly enjoy.

I am an extremely introspective person - constantly questioning myself and the things around me. I have been to several Vipassana meditation camps and actively practice yoga. Praharsh (in case your wondering) means: " one who has transcended normal sorrows and reached the eternal state of bliss." That certainly is my life's goal- To be happy and keep those around me happy.

Steve Jobs, Narayana Murthy, Elon Musk, Larry Page (to name a few) have inspired the Entrepreneur in me. Gautam Buddha and Swami Vivekananda are among the people who's thoughts have influenced me the most. I love to hangout with positive people and ideate constantly. Do you have any business idea? Drop me a mail if you would like to connect.